Staffing Solutions

Staffing Solutions

Knock The Doors is not just a portal for recruitment for reducing vacancies in a company but also a source that lays the foundation to your business relations and provides services to all your business needs.

Permanent Staffing
Knock The Doors is a recruitment company which has been well established in the recruitment industry. We specialise in the selection and placement of permanent and temporary commercial and office staff. The consultants at Knock The Doors are experts in the field of offering staffing solutions that would be best suited for both the candidate and the employer. The candidate is judged by the skills, experience and personality towards the corporate culture.
We train our staff in an intensive manner to adhere to the quality standards of our methods in the recruitment industry. Our staffs are rewarded with a profit share scheme rather than individual commission. Knock The Doors focuses on maintaining a high quality standard with the services we provide and we proudly offer our services to you.

Temporary Staffing
Our goal is to provide you with the necessary candidates that have the right amount of potential and are a perfect fit for your organization. We understand your needs and focus on the proper solution for your problem. We perform a strict but necessary recruitment process to equip industries with the right candidates. Our market presence and contract staffing facilities give us an unparalleled access to a plethora of candidates. The candidates are screened, evaluated and trained in a rigorous manner to ensure that they are the right and permanent fit for your organization.

Temporary staffing allows you to protect your permanent staff and saves you the cost of hiring, firing, training and various other costs. All candidates go through the same vigorous process as KNOCK THE DOORS is well aware that quality surpasses quantity always. The companies in India are faced with the need to comply with the various laws regarding labor which include wages, PF, ESIC and much more. We eliminate the liability of facing labor law consequences by making Knock The Doors as the one-stop destination for staffing matters and labor law compliance management to make sure that your organisation is 100% compliant and problem free.

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