Freshers IT Jobs in Chennai – Trend in 2016

Growing It Jobs

There has been a large speculation regarding how Chennai can still uphold its crown as the city that is dominating Information Technology. It is evident that Chennai is the best place for IT jobs for freshers. After all being the second largest software exporter of India after Bangalore is no small task. The city is hustled with a lot of IT enthusiasts and a lot of companies to choose from. There are over 38,000 employees in Mahindra World City at Chegalpattu and have over 64 companies.

The top most popular and profitable Information Technology organizations are in Chennai and they are hiring freshers on a regular basis. These fresher IT jobs in Chennai are for serious candidates and candidates who can work their way up from the bottom. With already a plethora of IT companies in Chennai, there has never been a better opportunity for freshers to find IT jobs in Chennai. Finding the right channel is important. If that does not convince you that Chennai has a growing trend in information technology, the history of Chennai and its dependency on software development and business process outsourcing should speak volumes. Economic Times reported that there has been an increase of software companies up to 59.7% over the last 8 years.

The enthusiasm of Information Technology has always been hindered with the lack of knowledge and talent as Chennai is the city where the talent is in abundance but lacks direction. With an increasing number of entrepreneurs opting for software solutions, web designing and even application development, there has been an increase in jobs all over Chennai. Knock the Doors is a portal that shares your enthusiasm and gets you to where you want to be. Many job portals promise you jobs and fix you with jobs that do not even come close to your qualifications. Knock the Doors aims to provide freshers IT jobs in Chennai and also provides those with the talent with direction.

Growth of Indian Students Studying Abroad

Study Abroad

It is a well noted fact that India has been stated as number 2 in terms of the number of students being sent to the United States for studying. International Trade Administration reported that there was an increase in the year 2014/2015 and India had sent around 132,888 students to the United States. India is one of the top markets for International colleges especially from the United States. It was also noted that 48% of the Indian students prefer to study abroad. It was also noted that the universities in the United States have had a larger appeal towards Indian students. There is an increase in the demand for higher education significantly and UGC statistics have stated that there is also an increase in the number as there are now 39,671 colleges, 12,748 diploma granting institutions and 736 universities in India. This increase in students opting for higher education in India as well as abroad showcases the importance of higher education.

There has been an increase in the number of Indian students studying various courses abroad and it continues to grow at a faster rate every year. Students are flocking to go to countries like the United Kingdom, United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Germany. These destinations have been receiving the most attention due to the various benefits that are provided by them for students coming from abroad. It was noted that 2015 saw a 17.8% increase of students studying abroad while in 2014 it was 12%. Therefore, it was concluded that the amount of students studying abroad has been higher than that of China.

It is noted that Germany has become the latest trend for students to go for education. There has been an increase in the influx of international students in Germany due to the waiver of tuition fees provided by the country for its international students. A recent report mentioned that the number of students going to Germany has grown by 24.3% and over 11,655 students opted for Germany as their destination for studying. There has also been an increase of Indian students in China as the number of students travelling to China for studies rose to a 23% which meant around 16,694 Indian students preferred China as their study destination.

This was attributed to the entrance examinations that are conducted for international universities and the number of institutes providing students assistance in clearing these examinations such as TOEFL, GRE and IELTS.

Growing IT Jobs in India 2016 – 2017

Growing It Jobs

There was an increase in the digitalisation of India a few years back and not to surprise you but it still continues to grow. There has been a growing entrepreneurial environment which supports the implementation of information technology and this integration into various industries has helped many companies become more adapted. Nasscom reported that the last fiscal year of 2015 presented an increase in the industry and the Indian IT-BPM industry and also provides a standard in terms of efficiency and increasing the transformation and agility to become a part of the digitalisation. There was an USD 100 billion increases in which the growth was 13.1% based on the growth of IT last year. The current year had also seen an increase in the hyper-growth of technology start-ups and various other industries striving for generating automation. The BPM sector was one of the few industries that had integrated technology to improve their automation. There have been over 3100 IT start-ups in the country and the country has been stated to be the 4th largest hub for start-ups. Thus, the IT jobs for freshers in Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune and other major cities in India.

Our industry focuses on bringing enterprise services and changed it to presenting enterprise solutions. The IT industry in India is getting big in terms of automation and making digitalisation. The overall industry is worth $140 billion and much of the revenue has been because of the increase in the number of entrepreneurs. Economic Times also reported that the industry is expected to take up a dominant position in the Indian Economy and also increase in the number of exports as Nasscom predicts the domestic IT making an increase from 13-15%. There were concerns about the Chennai rains and how it had affected the overall market for Indian IT on a global scale. Still, the concerns were addressed as it was noted that many of the IT giants changed location but remained in within the geographical boundaries of India. The year of 2016 saw an emergence of companies like TCS and Infosys gain billions of dollars from the amount of work being thrown at IT companies from USA and other countries. There has also been an increase in data centres from international companies such as Microsoft and IBM.

Information technology has surely gathered precedence over other industries in India. With new companies opening up in Chennai and new data centres opening up nation-wide, there is always room for people who have gained a certain level of expertise in JAVA, .NET and other software tools and computer languages. You will be required to be trained by professional trainers who have the thorough knowledge of the industry.